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  • Man Charged in Orleans Jury Bribery Case Claims Implicit Threat

    Attorney Gregory Q. Carter represented Julius Ford, who had been accused of accepting bribes while serving on a jury. Ford claimed that while he was serving as a jury, the defendant’s brother approached him and persuaded him to influence other members of the jury to either deadlock or decide on a not guilty vote in exchange for payment. Ford had previously been acquainted with the defendant’s ...
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  • Jury Acquits 17-Year-Old of Rape Charges in Eastern New Orleans Case

    Attorney Gregory Q. Carter was able to obtain a not guilty verdict for his client, James Brant, who was accused of sexually assaulting a 46-year-old woman by gunpoint. In the case, the woman claimed that defendant had forced her to perform oral sex while he held a gun to her head. When police arrived, they apprehended the defendant as he attempted to flee the scene. The evidence found by ...
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  • Judge Rules Evidence in Bridge City Murder Witness Case Not Proven

    In a case involving the death of the lone witness to the Bridge City murder of a man, Attorney Gregory Carter represented one of the alleged shooters whom the witness claimed had gunned down a man near his home. The defendants (a couple) were being indicted on second-degree murder charges in the original case. In a turn of events, the lone witness was found dead the day before the hearing. ...
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