Blog Posts in 2018

  • Shots Fired in Altercation Outside Algiers Bar

    Brothers Kenneth Manard and Valry Manard were jailed last week after being identified via Facebook, then photographic lineup. They are accussed of being involved in an altercation that occurred outside of an Algiers bar on November 18th. Combined, the brothers were booked on three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, three counts of principal aggravated assault with a firearm, two counts ...
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  • Attorney Gregory Carter Participates in Criminal Justice Student Program

    Rival prosecutors and defense attorneys, inlcuding Attorney Gregory Carter, are working together to lay the foundation for the future generation of litigators. The Allen Ray Bolin Trial Advocacy Workshop is a program at MLK High School that is preparing students to enter the criminal justice field. Read more here.
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  • Attorney Carter Comments on Bail Reduction for Alleged "D-Block" Gang Members

    Recently, a New Orleans judge made headlines by granting significant bond reductions to four members of the “D-Block” gang. Nine members of the D-Block or “Money Wave” gang were indicted back in May and currently face criminal charges for conspiracy to commit racketeering and for trafficking illegal drugs on the 2500 and 2600 blocks of Dumaine Street. If convicted, these defendants could face ...
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  • Jury Acquits 29-Year Old Man of Kidnapping & Rape Charges

    An Orleans Parish jury acquitted a 29-year old man of one count each of second-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping last week. The case, filed against Attorney Gregg Carter’s client, involved a woman who reported to police that a man had forced her to have sex with him. A rape kit identified DNA as belonging to the client. Gregg Carter’s client acknowledged that he had sexual relations with ...
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  • Attorney Carter Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in 2014 Murder Case

    With the experienced and skilled legal assistance of our founding attorney, Gregory Q. Carter, a man charged with the second-degree murder in the 2014 slaying of a 35-year-old Domino’s driver was found not guilty by a New Orleans jury in a 10-2 vote this past Thursday (May 17). Additionally, Shane Hughes, 20, was also acquitted in the armed robbery of a woman in her Uptown driveway the previous ...
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