Attorney Gregory Carter Defends Client Charged with Murder

Attorney Gregory Carter Defends Client Charged with Murder

Our firm’s criminal defense attorney, Mr. Gregory Carter, recently defended a New Orleans man against accusations of murder. The 22-year-old man faced charges of second-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping, and obstruction of justice as it applied to the death of a 15-year-old female KIPP Believe College Prep student. On August 22, he was found not guilty of nearly all charges, including murder and kidnapping.

The young student was found dead in the spring of 2012 with gunshot wounds on her body. The prosecutors alleged that Attorney Carter’s client was fueled to commit murder as a means of avenging his younger brother, who was killed only days before. During the incident that left his brother dead, however, the defendant was also shot, rendering him unable to care for himself. In court, Attorney Carter explained that his client even needed assistance going to the restroom and was therefore physically incapable of committing the crimes he was accused of.

In their relentless attempt to prove Mr. Carter’s client as the guilty party, the prosecutors based most of their accusations on the accounts of criminals the defendant encountered in Orleans Parish Prison. In their statements, the jailhouse informants claimed the defendant bragged to them about how he killed the young girl. Attorney Carter was quick to correctly underline the bias that comes with the accounts of jailhouse informants. One such informant was awarded sentencing considerations for his own case in exchange for a testimony against the accused.  

The defense team, which also included Attorney John Fuller, defended the accused with hard facts and sound logic. The trial lasted roughly one week and ended with nearly all charges dropped. The jury found the defendant not guilty of second-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. The defendant was convicted of obstruction of justice for hiding his cell phone from investigators, but all charges involving violent crimes have been dropped.

To learn more about this case, visit the New Orleans Metro Crime News online.

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