Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • 7 Defendants Remain Locked Up

    In a previous blog post, we discussed a call for the release of 7 defendants who had not been provided with adequate public defense counsel in an acceptable amount of time. Since then, the District Attorney's office has appealed the decision, and the defendants remained locked up. Gregory Carter represents one of the defendants, New Orleans resident Henry Campbell. Campbell was arrested and ...
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  • Appellate Court Overturns Decision to Discharge 7 Defendants

    An appellate court has overturned New Orleans Criminal District Judge Arthur L. Hunter’s April 8 th decision to halt the prosecutions of seven indigent defendants who spent months in jail without legal representation. According to a three-judge panel from Louisiana 4 th Circuit Court of Appeal, Hunter’s ruling erred by granting the defendants habeas corpus relief without first making factual ...
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  • Bunny Friend Case Moves Toward Trial

    In November of 2015, a mass shooting left 17 people injured at Bunny Friend Park. This month, the case moves closer to trial - a hearing on motions was heard in the Orlenas Criminal District court on Thursday. Attorney Gregory Carter was asked to comment on the case - watch the video here.
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