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  • Kidnapping Charges Against Man Accused in Jasilas Wright's Death on I-10

    Attorney Gregory Q. Carter served as defense attorney for a man who had been accused of second-degree kidnapping in connection to a case where a woman was found dead along Interstate 10. Prosecutors claim that Wright had taken the woman against her will into his car after an altercation in the French Quarter. The victim is alleged to be an exotic dancer and prostitute, and the defendant, her pimp. ...
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  • Louisiana Continues to Have Excessive Incarceration Sentencing, Comparatively

    Louisiana State has more people per every 100,000 behind bars than any other state in the country. New Orleans has the highest incarceration rate than any other city in the country. While most of American legislators are talking about curtailing prison sentences for nonviolent crimes, Louisiana seems to have the exact opposite in mind. And it is bringing some negative attention to the lawmakers of ...
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  • Judge Finds Reasonable Doubt in Felony Drug Crime Case, Acquits Defendant

    Attorney Carter helped form a defensive case for a New Orleans man who was facing two counts of cocaine distribution and one count of heroin distribution. If convicted, the defendant would have almost-certainly been sentenced to lifetime incarceration without a chance of parole due to past felony convictions on his record. Despite Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents supplying video, ...
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