Attorney Carter Obtains Sentencing Diversion for Theft Crime Client

Attorney Carter Obtains Sentencing Diversion for Theft Crime Client

Former Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) employee, Renee (name changed for privacy reasons), had been accused of stealing $2,500 from the department’s coffers and her future looked uncertain. With the help of Attorney Gregg Carter of The G. Carter Law Firm, LLC, things are looking much better after a sentencing diversion was achieved.

The case begins when Renee was accused of stealing $2,500 set aside to be used as auction payments. She was later arrested on separate drug crime charges involving falsified prescriptions. The arresting officers discovered the warrant for the alleged theft crime at the OPSO. With all charges considered, Renee was booked for three counts of possessing and obtaining medications with a fake prescription, one count of malfeasance in office (essentially committing a wrongdoing while in a position of power), and a single count of theft.

A conviction for the alleged crimes could have devastating effects on her future. Beyond initial penalties, the marks that could be added to her criminal record would likely defame her and strip away education and employment opportunities for the rest of her life. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Attorney Carter fought for a sentencing diversion plan that would keep her criminal record clean and her future bright.

The Orleans District Attorney’s office agreed with Carter’s plan and permitted a diversion program. The details are still in the works but it certainly be better than the alternative. Renee has already shown her good faith by repaying $2,500 in restitution for the OSPO theft crime.

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